February 5, 2024:

I was happy to notice that the Grammy nominated vocal ensemble  Seraphic Fire, under direction of Elena Sharkova, included The Rights of Woman (from Speeches) in their four concerts in and around Miami, Florida, USA, at the end of January. 
I also noticed that the Chamber Choir of the University of Hamburg, Kammerchor der Universität Hamburg, is doing two of my pieces in Hamburg and Rotenburg 9th and 10th of february – Aftonbön and Du är.

July 30, 2023:

Norrlands Nations Kammarkör won the title Champions of the World Choir Games in the category Mixed Chamber Choirs about two weeks ago in South Korea.
Congratulations to the choir and their conductor, Francesco Acquista!
Listen to one of their very nice performances in South Korea:

June 25, 2023:

Exciting concerts coming up!
  • BBC Singers, directed by Sofi Jeannin, perform Limu limu lima in a concert broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, from St Paul’s Knightsbridge, London, June 7  
  • Radiokören, directed by Kaspars Putniņš, perform Limu limu lima in a concert at Historiska mueet in Stockholm in September
  • TELLUS performed by 120 singers and musicians directed by Karin Skogberg Ankarmo in Kristine kyrka, Falun, in September
  • NDR Vokalensemble directed by Klaas Stok will perform SPEECHES in Hamburg and Hannover in October and also broadcast live on radio NDR Kultur


More information about upcoming events here :

November 17, 2022:

On Saturday, November 19,my arrangement of Limu limu lima will be premiered by Radiokören and singers from all Sweden in Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. 

See the consert at 15.00 (3 pm) Nov. 19 – Hugo Alfvén Sing Along – Berwaldhallen Play

September 23, 2022:

Tomorrow, September 24: TELLUS will be premiered at Kungsholms kyrka at 16.00 (4 pm)
and on Sunday September 25 in Årsta kyrka. 

Kungsholms kyrka: Info

Årsta kyrka: Info

June 30, 2022:

From a consert on 18th of June in St. Ann’s Church, Dublin, Ireland.
A very nice performance.
Mornington Singers 
Conducter: Orla Flanagan
The Best Friend (Speeches)

June 9, 2022:

Tone Tomšič Academic University Choir in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Conductor: Rahela Durič
Recording from a competition for Slovenian choirs in Maribor at the end of May this year. The choir won a gold plaque! 😀
The Rights of Woman (Speeches):

May 27, 2022:

Happy to be part of this event:

Hugo Alfvén Sing Along in Berwaldhallen November 19 !


March 28, 2022:

Canceled: Concerts in Lübeck and Hamburg

The NDR Vocal Ensemble’s concerts in Lübeck and Hamburg  were canceled due to Corona! 😞
I was looking forward to an exciting program in addition to the fact that they would also do Speeches, and the concert in Lübeck was to be streamed. 


March 21, 2022:


DOF – Dalarnas Orkesterförening performs Radices in Boda Kyrka on the 23rd of April at 17.00 and in Kristine kyrka, Falun  the 24th at 18.00 

Info: Program


March 19, 2022:

Programme NDR vokal ensemble

Here is the program booklet for the concerts in Lübeck and Hamburg on the 27th and 29th of March: PDF


March 13, 2022:

SPEECHES in Germany

NDR vokalensemble and their director Klaas Stok performs SPEECHES in Lübeck  March 27 and in Hamburg March 29.

“Visions” is the motto of the NDR vocal ensemble at the third subscription concert in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. The program includes works by Klockar, Copland, Sztojanov and Jacob TV.

See the live streamed concert from the “Kulturwerft Gollan” in Lübeck  March 27 at 18.00 (6 p.m.) here!


March 12, 2022:

TELLUS – den sårbara skönheten

For the project “Vital choral music for the climate”, Stockholms Stift  commissioned a choral work for childrens choir, mixed choir (SATB) piano/organ, flute and strings, wich came to be called  “TELLUS – den sårbara skönheten” (Tellus – the vulnerable beauty), based on the seven days of creation, but with the climate in focus. Lyrics by Sven Hillert. 

Tellus will be premiered in September 24, 2022 in Kungsholms kyrka, Stockholm.

The score is available at Svensk Musik


February 3, 2022:

Lunch concert

At the Royal Academi of Music in Stockholm – KMH Vokalensemble sings Swedish music with lyrics that depict strong events. The choir is led by students in choir conducting. In the program among other interesting music, Speeches (all three movements).

You can listen to the concert here!


January 28, 2022:

Famn som bär mig

Commissioned by Ersta Diakoni and Patrik Sandin. This piece was premiered in the Swedish television  (SVT) on Christmas day 2021. Performed by Ersta Vokalensemble. Listen to it here at 45:30: SVT 

The score is now available at Gehrmans


December 4, 2021:

Way In, Way Out

1. Announcement

2. Evening Stroll

3. Victory March

Mixed choir. Commissioned by Allmänna Sången, celebrating their 190th anniversary and Maria Goundorina’s 10th year as their leader 2020. Premiered not untill October 2021 due to the shutdown caused by the corona pandemic. The score is now available at   Gehrmans

December 1, 2021:

Welcome to my new website!

This is my new website in progress. Welcome back for more information!